Working with Gordon

Many people begin searching for a home loan by contacting the bank where they have their checking or savings accounts. But banks only offer their own line of loan products. I work directly with my own mortgage bank and also with other banks through broker relationships. That means I can provide you with access to a much wider range of financing.

Why it's Better to Work with Gordon

Your search for a property may start out focused on single-family homes but quickly change to condominiums or even TIC’s. I can help you with loans for these types of properties as well as others– something a bank may not be able to do. Similarly, everyone’s financial situation is unique and lenders sometimes underwrite to different guidelines. If we find something in your financial picture isn’t acceptable to a lender, I can quickly move on to another one where the same issue won’t pose a problem. Banks aren’t as flexible.

The most important reason to work with me is because of the access I have to the best rates and terms when you need them. You can’t lock in an interest rate until you are in contract to purchase a property. Lenders move in and out of the market, which means a bank may not have the most competitive rates when you’re ready to lock one in. Unlike a bank, I have access to many different lenders – both within my mortgage bank and through broker relationships. When you’re ready to lock in a rate, I can shop for the lowest available among all the lenders I work with.

How Gordon Helps You Get a Loan

My job is to make sure you are preapproved for your purchase or refinance and then act as your advocate throughout the loan process while we work on closing your loan. As your broker, I will:

• Make sure you are preapproved before you start looking for property. You’ll know how much you can afford, what your monthly payment will be, and what type of loan will work best for your situation.

• Help you resolve any credit issues that arise so that they won’t affect your ability to get the loan you want at the best possible interest rate.

• Ensure your loan application is complete and shows you in the best possible light.

• Advise you on the best loan program given your income, credit, assets and tolerance for risk.

• Make certain you get the lowest interest rate possible by shopping among the dozens of lenders I work with.

• Monitor the underwriting process closely and react quickly to lender requests to make certain your purchase or refinance closes on time.

• Communicate with you and your real estate agent throughout the process so you know what’s happening at all times. Good news or bad – you’ll hear from me immediately.

How Gordon Gets Paid

I’m compensated directly by the lender, not you. And, I don’t get paid until your purchase or refinance closes. Unless requested, I never quote rates which require that you pay “points” or other fees. (The one exception is TIC loans, which always come with a 1% origination fee.)

Why I Work With Guarantee Mortgage

Guarantee Mortgage is one of the largest lenders in the Bay Area. Because of its size, Guarantee Mortgage is able to offer extremely competitive rates and unmatched service. As a loan officer working within the Guarantee Mortgage family I have access to dedicated underwriters and a “Deal Desk” that’s on call when I need answers to questions I have about your loan so I can make certain it closes quickly and without problems.